Andar kriechtier

Couverture ICDM 2014  Livre  Martial Vout

In 2002 Martial Vout asked the French feminist writer Isabelle Alonso to write the foreword of his book “Survival”. Because defeating an assaulter is first a question of self-respect. The French director and star actress Isabelle Mergault joined the cause and participated in the photos for the practical part of the book. In November 2014 “I Can Defend Myself” was released by Life Positive Publications (Delhi) with a foreword from Kiran Bedi.

The proper minset and the use of the tremendous blows that Mother Nature gifted us all will allow every woman to rediscover her power and will to survive.

Martial Vout    Martial Vout

Martial Vout is well trained in combat sports but reminding himself that he is a mammal with a reptilian brain he wanted to (re)discover the natural instinctive «method» of fighting of the human being: the instinctive way of defending ourself that we have like «forgotten» inside us.

As avoiding violence whenever possible is of utmost importance our classes also provide advices about prevention and dissuasion.

Women are not weaker than men. They are taught they are weaker but they are not! Sex, muscles and body weight are not the key to defeat an aggressor. We can see it in the wildlife every day: lionesses, she-cheetahs and she-bears for example are never raped by males! Male «supremacy» and rape only exist with human beings because females do not fight anymore with their instinct. How to fight back standing, lying on the floor, sitting at a desk or in car… women attending the survival self-defence classes will change their perception of men!

The method – Andar Kriechtier – is no traditional self-defence. It is about the human being original way of fighting. It is about the blows and kicks that women (and men) already have in their instinct but somehow got « forgotten » along the way.
Andar means “inside” in hindi and Kriechtier means “reptile” in swiss-german.

The natural original survival method of fighting tells you what kind of fantastic and independent mammal you are. It tells you how strong you are! Relearning the natural and instinctive way of defending yourself destroys the misconception that women need to be tall, muscular and heavy to be effective in a fight. Therefore, the method is simply a new approach which leaves you with tremendous confidence and empowered.

  • The method is not only about physical defence but as well about:
    – prevention
    – verbal dissuasion
    – behavioural dissuasion
    – self-esteem and self-confidence
    – escaping/avoiding a confrontation
    – the female tremendous instinctive energy
  • You will learn why fancy and artificial moves and choreographies taught in martial-arts and in combat sports cannot be executed anymore properly under stress, in a real life situation.
  • Real training is no sport! You will learn the correct responses to real aggressions, what to do (facing and from behind) against neck strangulations, grasps of waist, arm(s), wrist(s), hair, shoulder(s), leg(s) while:
    – standing
    – on the floor
    – in a car
    – entering a car
    – sitting at a desk
  • You will learn how to enter one of the two best states of mind:
    – the reptilian state
    – the state of total refusal to be subjected to violence
    in order to be utterly effective when the confrontation cannot be avoided by running away or by dissuading the aggressor(s).
  • You will (re)learn hard blows for very serious situations and more “soft” blows for less dangerous situations.
  • You will remember these simple and easy blows and kicks all your life.
  • Every woman can learn andar kriechtier. No need to be young, flexible or in good health.
  • Women will feel much more secure and self-assured.
  • By bringing awareness to women about their incredible energy and will to survive which still lives inside of them the method is also a valuable way to boost them in their professional life and in their personal projects.