Being Female

Being female, being a woman, being feminine does not mean that you need a man to protect yourself, nor does it imply that you cry more than men; that you cannot climb trees or mountains; that you have to let men take the decisions in the family or in the Government; that you should hide to smoke or drink; that you are more emotional; that you are less fierceful; that you have no clue about car engines; that you should not play soccer; that you should be paid less for the same job or that you cannot fight back.

Being female, being a woman means that you are a mammal created by Nature (God). And if Nature created you it means that Nature needs you. And if Nature needs you it means that Nature armed you to face dangers.

Women have 8 years more life expectancy than men. They are less susceptible than men against some illnesses and stand better against extreme conditions (high or low temperatures). They also have higher resistance to starvation. Women are strong. Why do we not say it?

Martial Vout    Martial Vout

Through education, girls are taught at an early age to not be unruly, not to hurt their knees while playing outside and not to uncomb their groomed hair. We give them dolls while boys are given an unjust right to be more aggressive and to climb on trees.

Girls learn to be submissive to boys through physical games. The boys who are heavier, taller and more muscular can shove them, bump into them and immobilize them. But you will see that it has nothing to do with a real fight!

It has been said for ages that muscles and body weight make a difference in a fight. It is also said that women can do nothing against men, that they are weaker. This goes alongside with the whole system we live in: this is one of the ways to keep women in a state of “second citizens”.

Men are not stronger at fighting. The strongest is the one who is more determined to survive, the one who refuses at all cost to surrender even against multiple attackers. The one who wins is the one who knows how to hurt and who accepts the necessity to hurt the opponent when there’s no other choice.

In a pre-emptive self-defence situation, giving the survival blows that you will learn in our classes does not need strength but resolute determination and self-esteem.

Body weight, height and muscular strength are of no importance when you understand the principles of real fighting. The main difficulty is to dare hurting your attacker.