Classes and workshops

In association with Indian registered NGOs like USDF (United Social Development Foundation) and Navjyoti, Martial Vout gives workshops and classes to underprivileged, Corporates, students, women associations and also private classes. He focuses on prevention, verbal and behavioural dissuasion, the different kinds of violence women can face in today’s society and the woman instinctive will to survive.
In MUMBAI from January to September 2014.
In DELHI from October 5th to December 5th, 2014.

Martial Vout   Martial Vout   

During 2 hours participants learn about the female fighting instinct, about what Mother Nature gifted females with for their safety. Martial also emphasises on prevention, on verbal dissuasion and on the need for women to say “No!” whenever they do not agree, whenever something does not suit them. It is only by asserting themselves in their everyday life that women prepare themselves to be tough and truly effective in case of danger.

In his workshops and classes Martial Vout insists on the link between women’s attitude in everyday life and efficient response in case of an assault. A woman who is too submissive at home (who lets others decide for her, who lets her children disobey, who is beaten, who cannot have her own money, who is denied her basic rights and freedom, etc.) and at work (who does not react when men are making sexual hints, who lets a colleague touch her or stare at her breasts, etc.) will not have her survival instinct enter in action the day she has to fight against an aggressor. It would be the same for a young girl who lets her boyfriend check her mobile phone and decide whom she is allowed to speak to and whom she is not or who lets her brother decide how she must dress… Being able to fight an aggressor is not a question of combat technique but is primarily a mental attitude which is rooted in the way women behave in everyday life. 

Self-defence is a serious topic but Martial treats it with a sense of humour. Women attending the workshop will learn a lot about their inner strength and also have fun!

Groups, women organizations and NGOs
Workshops (2 hours) are free of cost for NGOs and women social organizations. For other groups or associations that can afford it, a donation to an Indian NGO is welcome.

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Please read the page “Corporate workshops”.

Children and adolescents
We also train girls and boys since 7 year old in private classes and in groups. The method with children is more sportive and mixes kickboxing moves with instinctive applications. We make youngsters discover their inner strength and resoluteness to be respected. Let your child feel very confident thus allowing her or him to deal with today’s dangers: verbal and physical violences at school or on the streets, racket, sexual assault, paedophiles, etc. You can chose between:

  • a 2 hours workshop
  • and/or 3 classes of 90 min (given in 1-2 weeks)

Do you plan to send your daughter or son in Europe, in America or anywhere else to study? Before going, let her or him learn about her/his intinctive strength! Offer your child andar kriechtier classes with Martial Vout and his team and be sure your daughter or son will be able to take care of her/his safety in case of danger. You can chose our 2 hours workshop or three classes of 90 min, given in 1-2 weeks.

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