Did you need to learn how to breathe? Did your mother or the doctor need to tell you to breathe to stay alive when you were born?

Does the new-born baby have to learn how to suck at his mother’s breast? Does his mother need to teach him to feed himself and how to swallow to stay alive?

Did you need to learn your attraction for the other sex? Did you need someone to teach you your wish (need) to have a child?

All the answers to these questions are “no”. You already had the knowledge and the need of these things because these knowledge and needs are engraved in your instinct. Mother Nature (God) engraved them inside you because they are related to your survival and thus to the survival of the human being. So you never needed to learn these things.

But one relevant question is missing: Do you need to learn how to fight against an attacker? Most of the people would answer ”yes” and they are wrong.

The answer is also “no” because fighting against an attacker is part of our survival too. Then as it is also related to our survival Mother Nature engraved this knowledge inside our reptilian brain (our instinct) too.

Breathing – eating and drinking – copulating – and fighting are things that Nature engraved in our reptilian brain to prevent our race from extinction. Nature did it of course with the other mammals and the reptiles.

I just want to come to the point that I do not meet my students in my classes twice a week for years to teach them something they already know, something that Mother Nature has already gifted them with.

To their surprise, I meet my students only 3-4 times. I spend only 4 hours with them to awaken something they already know, something they already have inside of them. We all know the blows and kicks of the human original instinctive way of fighting but we have like “forgotten” them.

The human original instinctive method of fighting is no sport. Real self-defence is no sport! We do not need to learn combat sports or martial-arts to defend ourself. Saying it is like insulting Mother Nature by pretending that she forgot to arm us to be able to protect ourself against an attacker. Fighting for our safety is as natural and easy as breathing.

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