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Dear Mr. Martial Vout,
We thank you very much for conducting a workshop on ‘Self-Defence’ on Wednesday for our employees. The workshop was very useful for women. Today, due to rising instances of rapes and violence against women, women are not safe. They needed such workshop wherein they can learn the tactics of self-defence for their survival. This need was taken care through this workshop.

The information given by you was very useful. The practical sessions were appropriate. They learnt to handle critical situations with confidence and survive victorious. I was personally inspired by it.

We urge you to kindly conduct more such workshops for our women. Our staff will assist you for this. Thank you once again for your kind support. We will also send you a hard copy of this letter.

With best regards,

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In front of the increasing violence against women and the numerous sexual assaults, Corporates now have the opportunity to provide their female collaborators with the best self-defence training. In MUMBAI from January to September 2014 – In DELHI from October 5th to December 5th, 2014.

United Social Development Foundation (USDF), a registered Indian NGO, and Martial Vout, Swiss self-defence instructor and security advisor, propose Corporates to do twice good:

  • Allow their female employees to feel more secure by learning instinctive self-defence to be able to face any kind of aggressor
  • Pay the workshops and classes through a useful donation (CSR) to USDF

FIRST we propose Corporates to invite Martial Vout for a workshop in their premises (duration: 2h) during which the following topics will be developed:

  • Prevention and awareness
  • Behavioural and verbal dissuasion
  • How and why Mother Nature made females strong
  • Andar kriechtier: the female strength and survival instinct (demonstrations)
  • “Soft” blows and kicks and tough (survival) blows and kicks
  • The link between women everyday interactions with others and the outcome of an assault

Unlimited number of attendees.

In his workshops and classes Martial Vout insists on the link between women’s attitude in everyday life and efficient response in case of an assault. A woman who is too submissive at home (who lets others decide for her, who lets her children disobey, who is beaten, who is denied her basic rights and freedom, etc.) and at work (who does not react when men are making sexual hints, who lets a colleague touch her or stare at her breasts, etc.) will not have her survival instinct enter in action the day she has to fight against an aggressor. It would be the same for a young girl who lets her boyfriend check her mobile phone or who lets her brother decide how she must dress… Being able to fight an aggressor is not a question of combat techniques but is primarily a mental attitude which is rooted in the way women behave in everyday life. 

Self-defence is a serious topic but Martial treats it with a sense of humour. Women attending the workshop will learn a lot about their inner strength and also have fun!

THEN the women who would like to go further could subscribe for three classes (duration: 1h30 each) that would be given (in the Corporate’s premises) once a week or as it suits the participants best:

  • 1st class: Verbal dissuasion (how to use the voice efficiently) + Fighting while standing using “soft” or “tough” blows and kicks
  • 2nd class: Fighting while standing + Fighting while sitting
  • 3rd class: Fighting against an armed aggressor + Ground fighting

All classes also emphasize on prevention and avoidance (the best defence is of course to run away) and elements that were spoken about during the workshop so the women who did not attend it could still join. Max 10 students per class.

Corporates should not miss this opportunity to show their female collaborators how much they care about them and their safety!

Venkatesh Balan (USDF founder)
+91 97737 35563
Martial Vout

Martial Vout